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Not long to go...our new season starts on October 5th, 2019. To book, just click on 'book now' or email


WELCOME to Fenton's Rink!

Have you tried a Winter Olympic Sport recently??  Well, YOU CAN...right here at our wonderful curling rink, close to Tunbridge Wells.

Come and try your hand at this exciting sport - it’s both fun AND challenging! Beginners are quickly on the ice and up to speed; enjoying a great time right from the start. Many are new to the sport, so don’t worry if you've yet to try'll be in good company! It’s a game played on ice - without skates - between teams of four. It’s sometimes called “bowls on ice”, but there’s a lot more to it than that...

A curling party makes an ideal staff outing, team building event, birthday party, or just a 'super-fun and different' time with your friends. Christmas parties are very popular, so book early to avoid disappointment!

come curling and love it!

Book for the new season

There's only ONE place in the south of England to try the real thing, on a full-size ice rink dedicated to the Olympic sport of Curling ...and that's right here at Fenton's Rink in Kent. Click on the button below to check availability and make a booking.



Anyone can play and you have a great time from the start! It's a really unusual and unique way to celebrate a special occasion.


Entertain your staff and customers, it's fun and as a social sport great for networking. There's a licensed bar for you to enjoy a drink and relax after your game of curling.

Curling is a very long established game - played on frozen lakes and lochs for centuries.  Its modern equivalent, played on specially prepared ice rinks, is a fantastic experience for everyone!  Click here to learn more.

Since opening the rink in 2004, we have seen our young curlers develop from raw novices to fierce competitors on the European stage


Here at Fenton's Rink, we have several groups of senior citizens who visit us regularly for a fun game of curling. Many have taken up the sport later in life and are enjoying the experience thoroughly!


Latest News


04 Sep 2019

Season number 15 is almost upon us!

We are excited at the prospect of welcoming back many old friends – and making lots of new ones too.

In addition to the myriad of things to be done to set up the rink ready for play (see a time-lapse video here), we have been turning our attention to how much throw-away plastic is generated at the rink! Many favourite drinks come in plastic one-use plastic bottles, but few have a glass equivalent. There’s also a constant demand for throw-away plastic tumblers to take drinks on to the ice, as we can’t have the danger of glass shattering on the rink surface.


So, we have done two things to help reduce this eco-unfriendly problem:

  1. We are installing a water bottle re-fill station in the changing area, so you don’t need to buy a new bottle of water every time, and
  2. We have bought some re-usable heavy-duty plastic tumblers for taking drinks on the ice.


“Every little helps….”


Everything is getting ready for that 5th  October start. Are you???

Hope to see you soon.



19 Jun 2019

Things are hotting up at our cool curling rink as we get down to preparations for the new season, starting on October 5th.  There's lots to do and we're doing it!

  • Getting everything ready for laying the ice floor in mid-September
  • Taking bookings...they're coming in droves both through the website booking form and by phone!
  • Sorting out all the leagues for Tuesdays and Saturdays. These will be circulated very shortly to members
  • Going through various preparatory work with the coaches and other staff
  • Making sure everything is neat, tidy and all in order for launch of the season...
    ...don't worry - it'll all be ready and waiting for you in October! Remember to book early if you've got a special date in mind!

New season starts 5th October, 2019

Our season has now ended, but a very big THANK YOU to all the staff for making it a memorable one.   

And thank you to the thousands of customers who came to try their hand at curling. We hope to see many of you back when we re-open on 05/10/19. We're already taking lots of bookings for the forthcoming can do this online book now if you've got a special date and/or event in mind!



The Winter Olympics have come and gone!   Once again our curling teams gave hours of fascinating watching - with the women just missing out by a whisker for another medal.

With two medals last tiime, in both the men's and women's events, it was disappointing to miss out in 2018 .    

Why don't you give this amazing sport a try - on England's First ice rink dedicated to curling.  

All the facilities and equipment are exactly the same as used by the Olympians and you will be surprised how much fun it is to play this simple but challenging sport.      

Our season runs from October to April - come and have a go ....Get Inspired!!"

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