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There's only ONE place in the south of England to try the real thing, on a full-size ice rink dedicated to the Olympic sport of Curling ...and that's right here at Fenton's Rink in Kent. Click on the button below to check availability and make a booking. 

Bookings being taken from 2nd November to 4th January 2021.

We are introducing measures to enable you to come curling while meeting government guidelines to keep you safe - and ensuring you still have as enjoyable time as ever! 

NOTE!  Groups are currently limited to 6 players only...

come curling and love it!


Curling is a very long established game - played on frozen lakes and lochs for centuries.  It’s modern equivalent, played on specially prepared ice rinks, is a fantastic experience for everyone!  

It's a really unusual and unique way to have fun and try a new (Olympic) sport.  Under current government restrictions, curling can be played in groups of up to six - our coaches will ensure that your experience remains fun whilst being safe.

It’s never too late to start, we have several groups of senior citizens who visit us regularly for a fun game of curling. Many have taken up the sport later in life and are enjoying the experience thoroughly while keeping fit and mobile.  

Since opening the rink in 2004, we have seen our young curlers develop from raw novices to fierce competitors on the World stage. It is great to see them progress and are very proud of their achievements.

Entertain your staff and customers, in a Covid secure environment.  For the time being, government restrictions mean that we can only accept bookings of up to six players.  We hope this restriction doesn't last too long!!! 


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