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Fenton's Rink is England's first dedicated ice curling rink. Whilst there are other ice rinks in England, they are used for activities such as skating and ice hockey. This makes the ice unsuitable for curling, as it's too cracked and 'scarred' for curling. Curling requires properly prepared ice in an ice rink dedicated to the sport..

Things changed when Ernest Fenton, an exiled Scot, decided to create a 3-lane dedicated curling rink on his estate near Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Fenton’s Rink opened in November 2004 with an International Bonspiel, which attracted competitors from all over the world. Curling has been an Olympic Winter sport since 1988 and is one of the few Olympic winter sports everyone can try. The sport of Curling is suitable for young and old, and can be played as a social or competitive sport. The spirit of curling demands good sportsmanship and honourable conduct.

Our Rink Manager Tracey Lyne is Level Two World Curling Federation qualified. 

Curling - Be Inspired!