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04 Sep 2019

Season number 15 is almost upon us!

We are excited at the prospect of welcoming back many old friends – and making lots of new ones too.

In addition to the myriad of things to be done to set up the rink ready for play (see a time-lapse video here), we have been turning our attention to how much throw-away plastic is generated at the rink! Many favourite drinks come in plastic one-use plastic bottles, but few have a glass equivalent. There’s also a constant demand for throw-away plastic tumblers to take drinks on to the ice, as we can’t have the danger of glass shattering on the rink surface.


So, we have done two things to help reduce this eco-unfriendly problem:

  1. We are installing a water bottle re-fill station in the changing area, so you don’t need to buy a new bottle of water every time, and
  2. We have bought some re-usable heavy-duty plastic tumblers for taking drinks on the ice.


“Every little helps….”


Everything is getting ready for that 5th  October start. Are you???

Hope to see you soon.