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Fenton's Curling Rink is an ideal venue for a fun sporting experience...with a difference. Curling is a winter Olympic sport and the rink at Fenton's is a full sized ice pad, exactly the same that's played on by top athletes. HOWEVER, it's a game that's easy for beginners to pick up and have fun from the start!  

The object of the game is simple...find out more here

We provide the playing equipment, the curling stones, curling brushes, curling shoes and of course the coaching to 'show you the ropes' and quickly get you playing a game, all within a ninety minute session.

The game is normally played between two teams of four, HOWEVER, CURRENT GOVERNMENT RESTRICTIONS MEAN THAT ONLY 6 PLAYERS CAN PLAY TOGETHER! so we've adapted the game for 6. Every team member is involved in each shot, so there's plenty of opportunity to join in the fun!  

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