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JUNIOR CURLING at Fenton's Rink embraces a wide range of young curlers, helping them at every stage of their development in this wonderful Olympic sport.  From the first tentative steps on the ice as a first-time beginner to honing your skills as a prospective English team representative, we have the resources to help you every step of the way.

Over the past 14 years, we have seen our young curlers develop from raw novices to fierce competitors on the European stage, and even reaching the pinnacle of representing the nation in the World Championships!

There are two entry points for beginners.

ENGLISH SCHOOLS PROGRAMME    We offer a 5-week course to schools, leading to entry to the English Schools Championships, held each March.   This well-established programme has introduced countless young people to the sport of curling, enabling them to discover a completely new experience in competitive team sport.   Many continue their interest beyond the Schools Championships.

WEEKLY JUNIOR TRAINING    A two-hour session is held every Tuesday evening throughout the season, open to all young people from the age of 11 to 18.   The session is run by experienced coaches and aims to improve the skills of all levels of junior curlers.

We constantly monitor the development of individuals, looking for those with the ability and application to take them further in the sport.

To this end, we run:

ELITE TRAINING SESSION  on Sunday mornings, which is structured to develop the skills and etiquette necessary for competitive curling, and to formulate both girls' and boys' teams with the potential to enter the National Playdowns for the right to enter into the World Junior Challenge.  Participation in the Elite Sessions is by individual invitation.


Senior coach is JONATHAN HAVERCROFT, a very experienced curler and coach. Jonathan is a Canadian now living in England. He has played on World Curling Tour events, successfully played and coached in Canadian and US University championships, is a past director and secretary of the US Curling Association - and much more.  Jonathan holds a Level Two Royal Caledonian Curling Club coaching qualification. 

Another Canadian, LISA FARNELL, is a recent arrival in England and is a very welcome addition to the Rink coaching team.  Lisa was actively involved as a player in the Ontario Junior Tour and the Canadian Junior playdowns and, as an adult, a World Tour player.  She has spent several years coaching in the highly competitive Canadian scene before moving to London.

OWEN REES is also a junior  coach.  Owen was introduced to curling in Canada and took up the sport again a few years ago at the rink.   He is responsible for introducing curling to a number of juniors at the school where he teaches - The Beacon School, Crowborough, East Sussex.  Some of his students are already participating in our elite programme and representing England at European events.

The entire Junior Programme is run at the Rink by TRACEY BROWN, who is Rink Manager and also Junior Convenor and Council Member of the English Curling Association  (ECA).  She is also a Level Two World Curling Federation qualified coach and is jointly responsible for developing the pathway for Junior Curling with Jonathan.

As with most competitive sports, curling requires considerable dedication to succeed at the top level, and we are fortunate to have experienced, qualified coaches, all of whom are CRB/DBS checked, who are able to convey and demonstrate what is needed for success.

Whether you are looking for a challenge at the elite level, or just want to find out what curling is all about, do get in touch with us.  We have something for everyone!


Become an Olympian! Aim for the top!