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Its Never Too Late to Start Curling!

Try something different! Our senior groups love the social aspect of this team sport. Static delivery or a cue delivery ensures everyone can get involved!

What are you waiting for?


Here at Fenton's Rink, we have several groups of senior citizens who visit us regularly for a fun game of curling. Many have taken up the sport later in life and are thoroughly enjoying the experience!

You may have watched the game on television and thought, "I couldn't slide up and down a sheet of ice like that!". Well, you don't have to! We provide special rubber-soled curling shoes for novice curlers so that you have a firm grip of the ice and don't slip. Our coaches show beginners how to throw the stones using a static delivery, which does not involve any sliding. And for those with a bad back, or can't bend down to deliver the stone, we have special curling cues that allow you to push the stone along without stooping. Yes - we have thought of everything to get you started!

We REALLY mean that you can start curling at ANY age. Many of our visitors are well into their eighties and still actively curling; it's great exercise and a wonderful way to socialise. If you are a member of a social group, like the U3A (University of the Third Age), a Golf Club, Probus, Rotary, WI (Women's Institute) or any other group for that matter, why don't you gather together a few of your fellow members for a game of curling? You're sure to have fun! The rink is less busy during the daytime, and for regular groups, we can offer special terms...just contact us to discuss.


U3A Aylesbury